Mexican dance group, Latino Entertainment for hotels, casinos and cruise ships or cruise liners
Welcome to our page! Indigo dancegroup is made out of a basis group of 3 female dancers and 2 male dancers. Most of the dancers in our group can also sing. The group can be extended to 10 persons or more (5 female dancers and 5 male dancers) depends on the wishes of our clients

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Singing and entertainment show

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The comedy dance show

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Internationaal world show

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Latino show


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Laura Rivas
0031-20 6 36 10 38
0031 (0)6 29 457 407
0031 (0)6 44 508 525

Shows that can be bookt individually:

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Mexican dance group
Latino Entertainment for hotels, casinos and cruise ships or cruise liners


The mexican show has a duration of 20 minutes. The best is if this show is performed in 3 shows of 7 minutes. Beacuse this gives the dancers the oportunity to change clothes. The Mexican dance is mostly danced in pairs (male and female dancer) but als they are some specific dances that are danced only by the lady's or gents. We dance reginoal dances from Veracruz, Jalisco, Ciapas etc, all in traditional costumes

mexicaans dans mexicaanse dans

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mexicaans muziek
Carlos Rivas
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